International Shipping Laws

Companies need to be cognizant of international shipping laws if they are exporting products or equipment to another country. If you do not fully understand international shipping laws, you may find your cargo delayed by the authorities upon its arrival. If the cargo contains parts or equipment needed for a project, failure to abide by international shipping laws may delay your work and ultimately affect your business.

ATSI Understands The International Shipping Laws, So You Can Ship With Confidence!

It becomes even more difficult to understand international shipping laws if you send cargo to multiple countries. Each international country may have its own shipping laws, limiting what can be imported and imposing regulations on the paperwork that needs to be filed. Your company does not, however, need to stay abreast of international shipping laws if you work with a global logistics consultant like ATS International.

A Company Knowledgeable in International Shipping Laws

Our team brings more than 50 years of shipping experience to your project. With a solid understanding of international shipping laws, we can provide our clients with international shipping that is free from any hassles. Among the services that we provide our clients is completing all of the required paperwork for the destination country.

For added comfort, you can track the progress of your cargo from the time that we take possession of it. With our turnkey operation, you'll find that international shipping is as easy as domestic shipping. To inquire about international shipping laws for the country where your cargo is headed, visit us online, or call (866) 854-2747 to speak with one of our agents.




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